Thursday, February 11, 2010

365 Recipes - #30 - Fresh Motz Grilled Cheese

Fresh Motz and Fresh Basil YUM

In keeping with my last post... here is another twist to an old favorite. The fresh motz. and fresh basil grilled cheese sandwich. I made this a few weeks back to go along with my "HOT" Tomato Soup

It is a great sandwich for dipping or just enjoying on its own.

The Line Up:
Sourdough Sliced Bread
Fresh Basil
Fresh Motz
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Take one slice of bread and cut it in half and lay down slices of the fresh motz...

On top of that lay down some fresh basil... Then place on the top slice of bread...

In a small bowl mix together some EVOO and a dash of pepper and a few good twists of a salt grinder...

Then brush that on to the top piece of bread. Here you can see my old brush... I have since replaced it with a shiny new black one...

Then take the sandwich and place it oil side down on to a grill... leave it there for about 2 minutes... you can then oil the top to prep it for flipping.

Then flip over the sandwich and leave it on the grill for 2 to 3 minutes.

Serve alone or with soup... it's yummy and gooey and it's good for you :-) is it ? probably not... but it will taste like it :-D


Recipe #30, 335 more to go.


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