Monday, February 8, 2010

365 Recipes - #28 - Football Cake Bites

Eatable Footballs.

Who doesn't want to eat a football right? OK maybe no one would... but I bet you'd change your mind when you have one of these little guys... I came up with these football cake bites as a treat for Superbowl Sunday. My friend Jen hosts this big SB party every year at her apartment. for fun I usually make a HUGE 3D theme cake... But this year I was not inspired by the teams, and to be honest I didn't even know who was playing! Sometimes you just gotta change up things once in a while to keep it interesting... and keep them guessing... :-)

I think they were a hit... Most all were gone by the end of the game.

The Line Up:
Box Cake Mix
1 Can of Butter Cream Icing
Melting Chocolate
Melting White Chocolate

I made the cake the night before so it would be completely cooled and less "moist" then a "fresh out of the oven" cake normally is.

Now Crumble up the cake.... yes we get to play with out food today weeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Once the entire sheet cake is crumbled up....

Put it in a bowl if you have not done so already, ;-)

Then mix in the icing... You'll want to use your fingers here... or maybe a pastry blender... but I think i twill be easier to just dig in and use your hands...

Keeping it as fluffy as possible get it all mixed in well and good...

Then form the cake in to little footballs. Once they are all formed you'll want to chill them so they stiffen up a bit. A hint to remember here for size... is to think about eating it yourself... as one bite... you do not want them to be massive, but you definitely do not want to be standing there decorating hundreds of them if you make them too small... So keep them to one to 1.5 bites big. this will keep them coming back for more !

While they footballs are "stiffening up" I melted some chocolate chips in the microwave... BLASPHEMY! I'm sure some of you are thinking... why in the microwave?!??! Because I don't have a double boiler and I needed to melt them quick. If you do it this way you have to watch them or you will burn the chocolate really easily ! Trust me, I did.

I then coated each and every foot ball by hand...(I'm guessing there were a few dozen (give or take a dozen) I now melted the white chocolate and poured it in to a decorating tube. Do not put them in the fridge... I found that keeping the chocolate at "room" temp as apposed to fridge cold will allow the white chocolate to bond to the chocolate better with out popping right off when hardened.

Then the fun(?) part started... Do you know how strong you have to be to decorate almost 4 dozen miniature footballs??? VERY ! By the time I finished them I literally could not let go of the icing decorating tube. My fingers were locked around the tube for life HA !

After I peeled my fingers away from the tube I tossed the chocolates into the fridge to set.

Oh my Oh my... these little footballs are soooo divine... so rich... so melty in your mouth... so going to live on my hips and butt for the next week !

Recipe #28, 337 more to go.


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