Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chef Central

A Foodies Heaven

Have you ever heard of Chef Central?
I happened upon this wonderfully enormous kitchen supply store while shopping for archery accessories at Ramsy Outdoor. Chef Central is located right next door to Ramsy OD, and I knew I just had to go in and check it out.

It's like as if you took BBB's kitchen section, and Pier 1's kitchen section and multiplied it by 20. Yeah it's that big. As I walked in the the door, the first department I found was the Italian/pizza section... Ironic since I just made pizza the other day. And it was huge, any thing you could possible want or need to make pizza and pasta was right there... What is rally amazing and convenient about this store is that they have small restaurant grade and home style. cooking appliance and utensils and gadgets and decorations....

Then I found a wall of dishes....

OK it was more then just dishes... but, WOW any size shape color you could possibly need or want was sitting there saying TAKE ME TAKE ME!

Next up was the the "tea pot" section... Well Hello! How sweet is this little set ! Ok it might not have been the "tea pot" section, but everything there was Asian inspired.

Now these just rocked my socks! Seriously they did they are small and elegant and they weigh a ton!

Then as I backed up to get a better shot...

This is what I almost fund myself under ! HA!
Now that would have been very bad, I have the worst luck and I'm super clumsy as is, and there I find myself almost under a ladder in a store with lots of glass and plates and... not good :-)

But I did make it out of the store w/o destroying anything... apart from the domino's effect I had in the cookie cutter section (Shhhhhh)

I love love love these ! I want them just so I can have sushi at home !

Now come on look at how small and cute these are! I wanted to take them home sooo bad! I did, I even walked around holding them for about 10 minutes, but they were about $20 and I just couldn't see myself spending $20 on mini utensils... maybe some day... I'm sure the red spoonula would be great for filling mini muffin cups.

I want one of these... I had one... the dog destroyed it when she was a puppy. The handle was wood and apparently it tasted good to her... booo it was my grandma's...

I found these wonderful spoons... and scoops... The first time I saw one of these was on "The Pioneer Woman's" website. I fell in love with them... and they are just as precious in real life.


The wall of my dreams... Hello Lovelies, H E L L O ! Oh if I only had one of my very own... in classic red... Ahhhh to dream.

So if you ever have a chance to check out this store I highly suggest it. They even have a website! It took me about one and a half hours to walk most of the store, there were some sections in the middle of the store that I did not venture in to... maybe next time... But I'm just sayin' you can spend 2 hrs in this store EASY !


  1. Oh, yea... you don't need to show me this!! This would be an expensive day for me. Oh, I found those creuset tools at TJ Maxx for MUCH cheaper. You just have to dig. So tell us... what did you end up buying? I'm dying to know!

  2. Also, if you ever want to check out Restaurant Depo (from Top Chef)... I have a card. There's one on 46 in Pinebrook.

  3. OOoooo you do! I looked in to that and then realized you needed to be a paying member.

  4. Trust me....
    I could have spend THOUSANDS....
    I have a post of what I bought... in no way exciting stuff at all... I was surprisingly very very good.

  5. Once in a very very small while... working at a restaurant pays off. We should do a run and split some stuff. It's not nearly as cool as the chef central but everything is in bulk. We got a case of frozen wild salmon and a monster pack of pancetta last time. It was all I could stand since I was not bundled for the tundra that is their 'walk in' fridge. It's amazing what silly things make us happy. I'm still excited about the last batch of rubber spatchulas I bought last month, lol!