Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365 Recipes - #22 - Asparagus with Almonds

Nutty Decadence

Today's side dish is very simple. And I like it that way. Asparagus and Almonds... see wasn't that simple?

I had no idea how yummy this dish would be when I started. I know I love asparagus and almonds, so why not put them together. I found a recipe on line and thought to myself, well if someone else did it, and they posted it... then it must be good. I tell ya, I had no clue how decadent the first bit was going to be. I highly suggest eating this right away, don't let it sit too long cooling. The warmth brings a richness to the flavor of the almonds that knocked my socks off. Truly it did.

The Line Up :
Fresh Asparagus
Chopped Almonds

Simple... easy...

First I melted a table spoon of butter in a pan...

I took a handful of almond slivers and "chopped" them... Ok I crunched them up in the bag by hand, but if you want, chop them with a knife of in a food processor.

Once the butter was melted I tossed in the almonds...

After they browned for a bit...

I tossed in the asparagus... at this point you really can't walk away... you have to keep moving the asparagus around so they and the almonds don't burn. Add more butter if need be...

After 8 minutes in the pan on medium to low heat... I removed them to a plate...

Pretty plate !

Mmmm doesn't that look good... all buttery and nutty and decadent !

Here is a nice serving suggestion for parties... Pile the asparagus on a serving dish and sprinkle the almonds over the top.


Recipe #22, 343 more to go.


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