Monday, February 1, 2010

Archery Vs Bathroom Toilet

What a day I had... I woke up on this beautiful Sunday morning with grand visions of things to be accomplished... Ok.. this does not sound like a Food Blog post, I mean really, toilets? HA! Anyway... I'll get there I just need to ramble on... :-)

The list of things planned to do on Sunday:

Learn how and make a Pizza
Upload at least 2 recipe posts that are pending publishing.
Go to the Archery Range for an hour for practice
Do Laundry
Do Homework
Go to Chef Central
Go to Wallmart

Fix the toilet??????

Yeah the list was long for a Sunday, but I was on a mission, I did not go out on Friday or Saturday... I was a lazy bum, so I had to make up for it.

I accomplished 1 recipe posting, not too bad, at least I got one up... Then I went in to take a shower before I started the laundry, because I like hot water more then my clothes do... but what was this I found in the bathroom?? water? on the floor?? where is that coming from??? Was the dog drinking from the toilet ?!?!? Oh Nooooooo the toilet!

With this toilet delema at hand I worried I would not make it to the Archery Range :-( Something I was really looking forward to today.

You see... I had installed that toilet only a few years ago during my upstairs bathroom make over, and I was very proud of myself for accomplishing it. (with the help of some wonderful friends of course). But there it was leaking water from under the bowl. I did a few inspections, and found no leaks. So that meant, the wax ring between the base of the bowl and the pipe in to the floor needed to be replaced. It happens... Good thing I had a spare wax ring... yes I did.. why you ask? I'm not really sure but there it was.

With the help of my mom we were able to remove the toilet, clean out the old wax ring, install new one and then put the toilet back. As much as there was cursing and yelling and smooching of fingers... there was hysterics... seriously folks... I am hysterical... perfect example of how hysterical I can be while installing a toilet..... I needed a flashlight.. do you think I have a working flashlight in my house when I need one? No, not this gal...

But I remembered... I installed the "flash light" app on my iPhone! Yeah, I really did. And you know what... it is a very handy app for such situations like this... So there I was holding up the toilet with one hand and trying to turn on the "flash light phone" with the other, and then prop it up so it wouldn't get all ... well nasty... it is a toilet and all... and Tadaa! There was light. HA I crack myself up. With the toilet finished I could move on to the next thing... Shower, then a load of laundry.

All cleaned up for the day I hoped in the car to go to Chef Central... all the way in Paramus... ALL THE WAY THERE... (ALL 50minutes drive there) just to find out.... the store was closed... why? Why would a huge kitchen supply store be closed? BLUE LAW !!!!! ugh... why do they bother me so? So nothing was open, not even Michael's craft stores... Fricken Blue Law Counties....

Anyway back in the car I went and headed home to the Wallmart in Morris Co., which I knew would be open because Morris Co. does not have such silly laws.... ;-)

I bought a few new kitchen utensils, (Photo to come soon...) and then headed to Trader Joes for a pizza... (which I will talk about in my next post.)

By now it was too late to go to the Archery Range (booooooo) , so I went home. With homework in mind I made a quick pizza dinner and hit the "books". By the time I finished it was 10pm... and the dog needed her last "outing" , out she went in to the cold did her business and back in the house in no time.

I had a very long day... and mostly accomplished what I headed out to do.... damn what a day!

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