Tuesday, January 26, 2010

365 Recipes - #18 - "Hot" Tomato Soup

I'm not the first in line for tomato soup... it never sounded appetizing to me. I do like tomatoes, but as a soup? Eh...

The other day I was in the supermarket and I happened across these "Ugly Ripe Tomatoes" . Awwww they called them ugly! The tomatoes were not ugly to me... they actually looked like tomatoes I grow in my little make shift pot garden. Looking around I noticed that they were the only ripe tomatoes in the entire store. I grabbed 4 and decided to make tomato soup... but with a kick !

The Line Up:
4 large plump tomatoes
1 small habanero pepper
4 tbs Sour Cream
1 tsp Ground chicken bullion
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbs of Sherry Vinegar
1 small sweet onion
1 cup chicken broth (low sodium)
olive oil

Yummy !

The Kick !
Look at this innocent little guy... all pretty and orange and sitting there all innocent... but you better keep an eye on him... he packs a punch !

Here they are, the "ugly ripe tomatoes" They are not so ugly... just a bit lumpy... almost like those fancy heirloom tomatoes.

Roughly chop up the onion, size doesn't really matter too much here... they will be blended up later.

Quarter the tomatoes in to small chunks.

Pour a few tbs of olive oil in to a sauce pot, then add tomatoes....

And the onions...

Then pour in 1 cup of low sodium chicken broth....

add the minced garlic...

Now take that little "innocent" habanero pepper and slice it open and plop it right in to the pot.... you want to be able to fish this out later.. so don't chop it up no matter what you do.

You don't have to use a habanero pepper if you don't like heat... and if you don't like EXTREME heat then you can dump in some dried pepper flakes at this point instead.

Ahhhh lovely! bring the pot up to a boil and then back down to a simmer and let it simmer for ten minutes.

After the 10 minutes have passed remove the habanero pepper... Here is where my dish went down hill... I did not remove said pepper... i left it in there for the entire cooking time... OY It was very hot to say the least... Lets just say I was happy I had a lot of sour cream in the house that day !

At this point you can add the ground chicken bullion.

My very first bottle of sherry vinegar ! really it was !

Pour in 1 table spoon...

Give it a good stir and then let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes remove the pan from the heat and let it cool down some. Once it's cooled a bit you can pour it right in to a blender...

Puree the soup until everything is creamy... (at this point you can freeze the soup if you like for future use or give canning a try !)

Pour the soup back in to the pot and heat it up for serving...

To add a creamy texture to your soup you can then top if off with 2tbs of sour cream per serving...

Did I tell you it was great for dipping grilled cheese sandwiches too??? Well it is.. and let me tell you... this was the best tomato soup I've ever tried!

Recipe #18, 347 more to go.


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