Sunday, August 1, 2010

365 Recipes - #41 - Breakfast Potatoes


I love potatoes... they seem to go with everything, and honestly I can't pass them up in the store. I remember one time I was at my fav. little local Trader Joe's with a good friend of mine and she made the comment.... "you Irish, you never can pass up a potato". This made me laugh... cause in my case, it's so darn true!

Anyway, here is a simple way to make breakfast potatoes to go under your favorite type of eggs.

The Line Up:

Now, the amount of potatoes you need will obviously depend on the amount of people coming to breakfast.  I guess I used about one of these per person, this one is a bit small, but it works, because this is really just a side dish.

I hand shredded the potato, skin and all, I feel there is no need to waist the skin, just wash it really well and shred away.

In a buttered pan (preferably a non stick one) I started with a regular pan, but realized I was not having any luck with that so I changed over to my non stick pan.

Use enough to a lot of butter, it's one of those things where the butter just helps... flavors the potato and helps with the browning of the potatoes.

I salted the potatoes to my liking....

Then flipped them over (make sure you still have enough of that buttery goodness so the flip side gets a good fry as well.

This method helps... keeps everything from drying out... well at least for me it did.  And the added control of the heat helps cook the potatoes all the way through.

When its all brown and crispy and yummy, transfer the potatoes to a plate, then top them with your favorite style eggs... Scrambled, sunny side up, have fun with it!

Recipe #41, 324 more to go.