Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some New Kitchen Tools

I had mentioned the other day that I took a trip to Chef Central.... and here is what I bought... Nothing fancy, just some basic necessities for the kitchen.

Some TINI TINY Ramikins... mostly for photography needs rather then cooking needs :-)

Some random scrapers... these are great on stove top grills, panini makers, etc.

Pizza pan... But I'm sure I can find other uses for it...

I oped for one of these rather then the new fancy design with fewer thicker bristles... I like the old school brushes...

Cooling Racks ! The next rack I need to get is the one that fits in the cookie sheet for dripping icings and stuff.

Some cookie cutters... You can see here the football I used in one of my previous posts... I tried that football helmet shape... but the rice krispie treats looked more like Packman then football helmets :-D

How adorable ?! I needed a small hand whisk for eggs... and thought this guy was just perfect !

And the most expensive item of the night was this microplane zester. At a whopping $15 I think it was a good deal.

Now trust me folks... I could have easily bought the Kitchen Aid Mixer, a professional grade food processor, $500 knife set, at $500 3" thick cutting board... but I restrained myself and my credit cards... for the time being ;-)

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