Monday, February 8, 2010

365 Recipes - #27 - Teriyaki Beef Skewers

Leftovers On A Stick

Here is a great way to use up left over steak! I had a little bit a steak from the night before and a loan pepper from making morning omelets. I searched around to try to come up with a dish and then I found the Teriyaki marinade sauce. DING! I knew what I was going to make. Simple easy... go...

The Line Up:
Left over cooked steak
Cherry Tomatoes
Teriyaki Marinade
Green Bell Pepper
Olive oil

I poured a little of the marinade in to a bowl and then sliced up my steak in to bite size pieces.

And then tossed them in to the marinade. I put the lid on the bowl and shook it around for a bit and then put it off to the side.

I grabbed the pepper and sliced it up in to bite size squares.

And then grabbed the tomatoes and set out all my ingredients in to an assembly line.

I didn't soak my skewers because I was not cooking over an open flame, I wasn't really afraid of them catching on fire. But if you are... then go a head and soak the skewers before you start your food prep, and if you on BBQing over open flame I would soak them for at least a half hour.

Then I started with the pepper...

Next came the tomatoes...

Then a piece of steak...

Try to keep them all "flat" so both sizes get a chance at touching the grill.

I then sprayed the grill with some oil, and popped the skewers on the grill until there was grill marks on both sides....

And TaDaa! Teriyaki Beef "leftover" Skewers... Sooo yummy, I just love how the grill brings out the flavors of tomatoes don't you? But be careful they can burst real easy :-) I didn't use any salt or pepper because the Teriyaki sauce definitely had enough salt for me...

Recipe #27, 338 more to go.


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