Tuesday, February 16, 2010

365 Recipes - #32 - BarbaraQ Salmon Salad

Every year... well due to financial difficulties... excluding this past summer... I have my annual BarbaraQ at my house. I love love love BBQs. The smell of the grill (charcoal of course!) The refreshing ice cold beers, overflow of guests bringing "home made" potato salads... fresh cut grass... the laughs coming from the volleyball court... Oh do I wish it was summer now.

Did you know it's snowing right now? It seems like it's never going to stop...

Oops... And there I go off on a ramble again. Well... Because it was snowing, and because I needed something fresh and light and NOT a winter fating comfort food... and because I was in the mood for BBQ... I decided to recreate the Hulahan's BBQ Salmon Salad.

I'm not really sure what they put in that salad, and it's been a few months since I had one... but this is close, with a twist.

Here is my "BarbaraQ Salmon Salad"

I started with a nice sized piece of Salmon, this piece was enough for 3 people.

I rubbed in some good extra virgin Olive Oil with fresh ground Sea Salt and Pepper.

Then... In the grand tradition of grilling in the winter... I forgoed the wonderful smelling charcoal Weber grill (which by the way currently had a 5" tall snow hat and is buried in up to a foot of snow...) for the George Forman Grill. I have a grill pan for the stove top... but I really wasn't in the mood to light the stove... you know how gas prices go and all... during the winter it is not my favorite bill to pay.

I left the salmon on the grill while I threw together the salad... my "Blood Orange & Granny Smith Apple Salad" is very similar to Hulahan's. It has the oranges, granted mine are "blood red" hehe, and it has nuts, and yes I used almonds in the place of pecans, it has coconut shavings and... well... I opted for thin sliced green apples to give it a crunch in the place of those crunchy chip strip things ( a healthy alternative I felt ) and then I drizzled some ranch all over the top) (Oh and tossed in some other things...)

When I was finished with the salad, the Salmon was ready... It really only takes a few minutes for the salmon to be perfect... and it was... it was nice and flaky and flavorful and... moist... Mmmm.

I placed a nice size strip of the Salmon on my plate with the salad and topped it off with a little bit of BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce wasn't anything fancy, just "original" flavor I think... But it adds a sweet and tangy zing to the Salmon that I just can't get over.

This dish is light, and yummy, and pack full of flavor... AND it leaves you full but not "STUFFED". I highly recommend giving this a try.


Recipe #32, 333 more to go.


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