Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 Recipes - #20 - Baked Mac N Cheese

Who doesn't love Mac and Cheese? Really? Come on now? Pasta and cheese... Y U M. I love the stuff... I was in the mood for the cheesy goodness the other day but I didn't want it to be ... bla... I wanted it to have some crunch... some bite.... some extra flavor.

I came up with my very own "Baked Mac N Cheese". And I only used what ingredients I had in the fridge and the kitchen cabinet that day. And yes... that meant using pre made frozen mac n cheese from the store. Ok, not "home made" but I did put my very own twist on it, and this is what i came up with....


The Line Up :
Frozen Mac N' Cheese
Italian Bread Crumbs
Parmesan Cheese
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
My "Baked Cherry Tomatoes"

Start with the family size frozen Mac N Cheese... Heat it up in the microwave for only HALF of the cooking time. This will allow for more baking later on. Take the bowl out of the microwave and mix it up.

Spread the Mac N Cheese in to a glass baking dish.. you'll see it's mostly cooked through already.

Take some shredded sharp cheddar cheese and sprinkle it ALL over the top... this will make it very cheese, because why not... right?

Grab your Italian bread crumbs and spread them all over the top of the cheese.

Sprinkle the Parmesan cheese all over as well...

(insert photo of olive oil) Right before you pop this in to the oven drizzle some extra virgin olive oil all over the top.

YUM! Now toss it in to the oven.. Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.. or until the cheese starts bubbling up around the edges and the top is all golden and crispy.

There you go! wasn't that easy?

Scoop out a nice hot heaping amount in to a bowl and enjoy.

Look how yummy and cheesy that looks!

No really... LOOK :-D this was soooooo good.

Now for my twist. I made these Baked Cherry Tomatoes and decided to toss them in.... it was a GREAT decision ! The flavors of the tomatoes and the garlic and the fragrant olive oil just made this dish soo decadent and yummy and well just darn good !

I hope you enjoy!

Recipe #20, 345 more to go.


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