Thursday, January 7, 2010

365 Recipes - #7 - Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Cupcake

Here is a fun cupcake topper idea for those who love the ice cream cookie sandwich. My Mom loves these... and I needed to make a fun and unique cupcake for her Birthday this year. Since her Birthday is so close to Christmas, it's always a struggle to make it stand out from all the Christmas and Holiday Hoop-La.

The line up.... Store bought cupcakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, what ever floats your boat.) Mini chocolate morsels, soft batch chocolate chip cookies, butter cream.

They are cute, but not what I'm looking for.... So lop off the tops... make a nice flat cut so you have a flat working surface.

Fill a Ziploc baggie with a big dollop of butter cream and then snip off the tip.

First put a small dot of butter cream in the center of the cupcakes. This will be the glue for the cupcake topper.

Place one cookie on the cupcake upside down.

Use your icing bag and put a decent amount of "filling" on top of the cookie.

Then place the 2nd cookie on top of the icing right side up. I would suggest chilling the cupcakes at this point so the icing sets up a little.

On a plate, pour out a handful of mini chocolate morsels.

Take each cupcake and gently roll the topper in the chips. You may need to help it along a bit by pressing the chips in to the icing so they grab on a little better.

Ta-Daa ! How sweet is this little guy !
Creativity in the kitchen is the icing on the cake... or the cupcake ;-)

Recipe #7, 358 more to go.


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