Thursday, January 14, 2010

365 Recipes - #12 - Dirty Vodka Martini

Who doesn't like a a good martini these days right? But there are so many varieties out there, where does one start? I say start with the classics... The basic Martini could do... but why not start with one that will put some hair on your chests... Ok I know us girls don't really want hairy chests... but you know what I mean ;-) This drink is not for the weak at heart drinker.... nah, you have to mean it when you drink this powerful little punch of olivey goodness.

The Dirty Vodka Martini

It's strong... and well... strong ! And I say if you like olives and vodka... then give it a try.

The trick to a good martini is the temperature, so chill your glass and your ingredients well before you start. ( A warm Dirty Martini may put hair on your back ! Ew!)

The line up:
3 oz vodka
1 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz olive brine

Pour in the Vodka ( I must say, choose a good vodka here, not some cheap $15 a gallon bottom shelf vodka, you want smooth, you want flavor, you don't want "alcohol" if you know what I mean !)

The Dry Vermouth.

Then the Olive Brine

Shake the drink well (insert photo of me shaking the drink, but it's hard to shake a drink and snap a photo.... ) Slip a few olives on to a tooth pick, and pour the drink over them in to the glass.


Recipe #12, 353 more to go.



  1. I like this format much better then FB! And bestill my heart... the Dirty Martini! I'd like to point out to your readers the use of three olives. High tradition dictates that you must use an odd number of olives. One olive is fine... so are three. Using two or four olives is a no no. Weirdo bartender facts from the drink nazi.

  2. Hey... all fun facts on cooking or drinks are very much welcome !