Friday, January 1, 2010

365 Recipes - #1 - Beer Cheese

Since last night was New Years Eve, and today is well... New Years Day... I say let the celebration continue all day. For the first, of many to come recipes, I give you "Beer Cheese" This is one of the yummiest cheese dips I've ever had the pleasure of eating. I received this recipe from my supervisor at work, it was a family recipe and he has passed it on to me... I am now passing it on to you. It is perfect at parties, or as an appetizer for a dinner party.

I love this cheese dip because it's zingy. I'm not sure if that's the right word to describe it, but it feels right. The dip is creamy and rich and has this ZING.

The line up :
Cream Cheese
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Garlic Powder

Yummy! Mine came out a little bit "thicker" then it should be, this is due to my lack of a food processor. Hand mixing... it's a workout !

Grab your favorite sharp cheddar cheese. 12oz is good. Chop it up a bit so it will be easier to blend in later.

Next comes the cream cheese, you can use a low fat cream cheese if you like, but I used regular good old fating cream cheese, about 12oz.

Toss it all in to your mixing bowl, and mix away.

BEER ! I picked this Yuengling Lager. The flavor was soooo yummy and added just the right zing.

Bubbly !
I'm not a fan of garlic, at all, but it's slowly working it's way on to my good side. About a table spoon will do, but add 2tbs if you like for an added kick of flavor.

As my supervisor told me "mix the bejeezus out of it in a food processor." Until it's smooth and creamy. Yeah... try that by hand (I lack a food processor)... so for me it's called "Mix the bejeezus out of your arm and shoulder."

This goes great with Pumpernickel bread. I found these handy little pumpernickel mini slices to use for dipping. Take a big dollop and enjoy... For a different presentation, take a large 2lb round loaf of Pumpernickel bread, hollow it out, and use it as an eatable bowl. One less dish to clean up!

Mine was a little thicker then expected, so if this happens just add more beer until you get your desired thickness.

Recipe #1, 364 more to go. (OY!)

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