Saturday, January 23, 2010

365 Recipes - #15 - Fancy Store Bought Pulled Pork

The other day I was craving some pulled pork. I had it once... at a truck stop! I was out one day riding my motorcycle around the tri-state area and really started to get hungry. The only place in sight was a truck stop. So in I went. The pulled pork sounded yummy so I gave it a try. Man-o-man it was good. I looked in to recipes at home to make it myself and realized how much work actually goes in to the pork. I like to keep dishes simple and easy so I ran down to the local Trader Joe's in town and picked up some pre-made pull pork in sweet BBQ sauce. But it was boring... so I decided to vamp it up just a little bit.

The Line Up :
1 pkg store bought pulled pork in sweet BBQ sauce
1 ripe tomato
1 sweet onion
soft hamburger rolls

YUM ! OK here we go.

Not the best photo in the world, but here is the pre-made pulled pork in sweet BBQ sauce from the store. It's juicy and smells like summer time BBQs.

Grab one sweet onion and peal it and slice it in half.

Then chop chop chop away. Like I've said in the past, I don't like onions, so I only used half of the sweet onion, but you can use the whole onion, it will still be wonderful.

Plop the onions in a hot pan with 2tbs of olive oil.

Grab one plump ripe tomato.

I left all the seeds and "innards" in my tomato to give the dish some more juice since some will cook off on the stove.

Once the onions are browning and smelling yummy..... put the pulled pork right in (insert missing photo ;-)

Then add the tomatoes and give it a good mix. Put a lid on the pan for a few minutes to warm the mean through and through, but please mix it from time to time so you don't burn it.

While the meat is warming up you can toast the rolls...

Then put a heaping amount on each roll. YUM !

And serve with some tater tots, because who doesn't love tater tots?

The pulled pork was sooooo sweet, and so decadent you must give it a try !


Recipe #15, 350 more to go.



  1. Would you believe I have met two people who don't like tater tots? It blew my mind! Anyhow, pulled pork, oh my drooooool! Who doesn't love pork? Oh yea, those people blow my mind too!

  2. I don't trust those who don't like the Tot.... LOL just kidding... but they are a fun flash back food for me...