Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 Recipes - #2 - Chocolate Pretzel Buttons

Here is a quick and super easy treat. I found this recipe on line and thought they would be perfect for parties.

You start with pretzel rounds. These little buggers are hard to find. I hear that the "round" pretzels are only available during the holiday season.. but I still could not find any "rings" so I found these little waffle like pretzel rounds. as long as they are sitting flat, any small pretzel shape will do. Remember the key here is "bite size" they are a snack, not a meal....

Place as many pretzels you can fit on a flat cookie sheet. You can use parchment paper here if you like for easy removal.

Grab some of your favorite "kisses" I wanted a verity so I grabbed some Hershey's Hugs and Dark Chocolate Kisses. The dark chocolate are my favorite, but the "Hugs" have fun stripes.

Now place the Kisses on the center of each pretzel round. As close to the center as you can.

Set the oven to 270 degrees. Place the cookie sheet in the center of the oven and let it "heat" for 3 minutes. Remove promptly and place on a cooling rack.

I found that white chocolate melts a lot faster then dark chocolate. Fore more even results, bake the white chocolate for 2 minutes, and the dark chocolate for 4 minutes.

Grab some M&M's. From here you will be placing one M&M on each "Kiss" pushing the point down. The chocolate will be very very soft, you can let it sit for a minute or two to let it set a bit so your not working with super runny chocolate.

Here they are, aren't they adorable ! Chocolate and pretzels and M&M's. What more do you want in a snack? I suggest making 2 full cookie trays because they go really quick. The next thing you know... they are all gone and you didn't have one. Believe me I know, I was there...

You can also mix them up a bit with different types of toppers (nuts, candies, M&Ms, etc). There is a wide verity of Kisses out there to choose from too.

I hope you enjoy !

Recipe #2, 363 more to go.

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