Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 Recipes - #14 - Limey Rum & Cola

I was working on a 7, maybe 8, could be 9 layer nacho dip... yeah it just kept growing I think it could have grown to a 10 layer dip if I didn't run out of room in the dish :) but that's a story for another day. The reason why I bring it up is because i had used a lime to protect the delicate avocados... I just love the smell of limes... they will always remind me of the week I spent on a little island off the coast of Cancun Mexico called Isla Mujeres. The weather was so nice and calm and warm and everything smelled of sun tan lotion and lime and cilantro... good times... And I rambled on again. ( really do that a lot, you'll get used to it... i hope ;-) So there I was squeezing a lime over my avocados and I thought to my self... self... you need to make a drink with this lime so it does not go to waist.

And that inspired me to make the "Limey Rum & Cola". It's super simple... really its... I'm all about super simple these days....

The line up :
1 half lime
1.5 shots of Rum
(See I told you it was super easy)

See that glass there... What's that called? I'll have to look it up, it's not driving me crazy, but I guess it would be good to know.

Now you can make this drink in a short glass like the one pictured here, or you can make this drink in a pint glass... but you'll want (well maybe you'll want) to add 2 shots of Rum instead of 1.5 shots.

Start by pouring 1.5 shots of rum in to your glass over ice.

Give a GOOD squeeze of half of a lime... you want it limey. (if you don't like the little bits then you can use a screen but I didn't mind them at all.

Then top it all off with cola.

Take the other half of lime (you know the one you didn't squeeze in to the drink) and slice a thin circle for the garnish. Then make a slit in to the center of the circle so the lime can hold on to the glass. A trick for more limy flavor... make sure you slice the lime right through the "fruit" this will release some of the juices, then slip the lime circle on to the the glass and run it all around the rim. Every sip will have a burst of lime !

For the "diet" version of this drink, I would suggest Coke Zero... do they still make that? I love it, Diet Coke is fine and all but it definitely has a different taste then original and zero.

I hope you enjoy !

Recipe #14, 351 more to go.


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