Saturday, January 16, 2010

365 Recipes - #13 - Fried Ravioli

I was on a mission to make "baked ravioli" but not the kind that is submerged in sauce... you know, all soggy and stuff... I wanted the kind that were battered and crispy. After a few searches on line I found one recipe that looked interesting.

I was then convinced by a friend to not bake them but rather fry them... I hate frying food in my house. I was told to get some good Italian EVOO and fry them up. I gave in and decided to give it a try. I went to my favorite little shop in town (Trader Joe's) to get some good fresh ravioli and olive oil. The Italian olive oil was so fragrant and cheap ! Cheap is good, I like cheep. I grabbed some yummy spinach and cheese raviolis and a can of sauce... not any old sauce but Bruschetta. (Yes my Italian food name purists... you can call it gravy all you like, but in my house growing up; gravy is what we put over meats, and sauce was what we put on pasta, so :-P ) (don't get me started on Salsa and Pesto... they are universal in my little world)


I filled up the pan with oil, and my oh my, the Italian EVOO was so fragrant. Olives... I smelled OLIVES! But not in a nasty way, in a nice fragrant "wish my kitchen smelled like that every day" kind of way. On to the fire it went, and it didn't smoke and I was happy with that. But... little did I know how much smoke would produce later... Oy... never again. I didn't burn the dish, as you will see, but what was left in the oil tended to smoke and burn.... does anyone know how to avoid this? My house now smells like I fried something last night, which I did, but ew. Ugh...

I had left the exhaust fan on, thinking to myself, I'll just leave it on for an hr or so to suck out some smoke so the house and all the fabric covered things, like couches and carpets wouldn't be smelly... but alas my plans were nixed.... only a half hour later I ventured back to the kitchen.... no fan ! What? Am I going senile in my old age? Did I not leave it on? The house is so stinky now... I asked my mother if she turned it off.. she said yes 30 minutes ago !?!?!?!?!?!? ugh... I can't win.

But on a positive note, the raviolis did come out very good, the Bruschetta on top was perfect... and I even had a simple side salad to round it all off... yum yum yum

FRESH ! I love fresh pasta, these were very yummy!

What can I say... it's a very yummy thing. But you save this for the end, just pop it in a pan and warm it up.

Take some Italian bred crumbs and some Parmesan cheese and mix it up on a plate.

Pour a good amount of olive oil in to a pan and heat it up on high.

Crack open one egg and mix it up a bit in a bowl, this will be the glue.

Dip each Ravioli in to the egg wash...

Then cover them really well with the crumbs mixture.

And then plop them in the oil... OK don't PLOP them or you'll be hurting... and there will be lots to clean up later !

After a minute or so you can flip them over on to the other side (depending on how deep your oil is.) Then place them on some paper towels to drain off some of the oil, and then serve.

I poured the warm sauce over the raviolis and made a simple side salad with some creamy Italian dressing... YUM YUM YUM

Recipe #13, 352 more to go.


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