Saturday, December 26, 2009

Keurig Christmas Coffee

This Christmas I gave my mom a new Red Keurig single cup coffee maker . I have a jumbo sized one at work and it always makes great coffee, but it's way to big our loud for the home, so when I found this little guy I was super excited. Off to BBB I went with one of my many (Thank you BBB for sending them out all the time) 20% off coupons to find a Keurig in red. I have to have red, all my kitchen utensils and soon to be all my appliances will be red, oh yes they will... and I went off rambling again... Anyway, there they were, little Keurig coffee makers all line up in a row. I grabbed the first red one I could find and hit the register. But not before drooling over the Kitchen Aid mixers and food processors....

Well Christmas morning came, and what do you think was the first gift that needed to be opened? You know it, my new, errrr Mom's new coffee maker ;-). It comes with a few sample flavors, and that's a good thing considering the fact that I forgot to buy some :-D.

While we were opening other gifts the little coffee pot was hard at work brewing coffee... YUM YUM YUM the Timothy's Italian blend is the bomb... I hope mom likes it too, because that's what I'll be buying.

Wow I didn't realize I could ramble on about a coffee pot, maybe it's all the coffee I've been drinking? Anyway, here it is, and look how tiny it is... perfect size for not taking up valuable kitchen counter top space.

OH my one public service announcement about this brand of coffee pots, just because I use one at work... if you do get one, run water w/o a K-Cup through at lease once a week to keep the needles clean, or it will clog and no coffee will come out.

And for you environmental protection folks... Keurig offers a "My K-Cup" filter where you use your own coffee grinds, no plastic K-Cup to toss in to the trash!

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