Monday, December 28, 2009

A Few New Kitchen Utensils

Yesterday I headed over to my friend Timarra's house to check out her new Wii. Needless to say we could not get it to work, turns out that a bunch of Wii's were sent out with bad game CD's. So the only thing we could do was go to the store and find a different game to play. We headed to Wallmart first for a quick cheap shopping spree of some home goods. I wandered over to the kitchen section and said "I am just looking for a lemon zester I'll only be a minute."

About 10 minutes later I was still there looking at all the fun utensils. I even had two lemon zesters in my hand... wondering... do I get the $2 zester or the $6 zester? We decided there is a reason why the one was only $2, and that reason may cause me to slice open my fingers... so I got the $6 one.

This is a zester, cheese shredder and carrot slicer all in one... It was just what I wanted.

Then I found a stack of wooden spoons for like $1 !

You can never have to many wooden spoons.

Timarra then points to a wine bottle opener and says "I know what that does, the rest I haven't a clue" Hehehe. Hey, I give her credit for even entertaining my obsession of the kitchen department in every store we go to. I even dragged her to look at the refrigerators when we went to Best Buy later that night ;-)

I fond some mini cutting boards too...

Yippee no more washing the cutting board between meats and veggies while preparing a dish. I was a happy camper and we went on our way.

Then later after playing Timarra's new Wii game, she gave me my Christmas gift... MORE KITCHEN UTENSILS ! SCORE ! I got a cake lifter, a cake slicer, and a pastry cutter. Today was a good day.

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