Wednesday, December 16, 2009

365 Recipe Adventure

Hello everybody out there in blogger world... As you all know, well those who actually read my little blog, I love photography and have photographed a few recipes... Well this is all going to change come the new year.

You see the other day I watched the movie "Julie/Julia" and fell in love with cooking all over again. And it was just the inspiration I needed to get me out of my little photography rut. For some time now I knew I needed a project and I knew it had to involve photography, but that was all I was working on. That's not much for this girl who has a hard time making up her mind. But I do love to cook and bake, so here it is...

I will attempted my very own spin on the Julie/Julia project. I will Cook or Bake 1 recipe for every day of the year. That will be 365 recipes. My mission is to learn how to cook/bake new dishes I've never tried before. They can be recipes for Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner or Desserts or Snacks or Appetisers. Some of the recipes I make may be ones I have made in the past, but most recipes will be ones I've never tried w/o the help of others.

The only thing I ask of you guys is your support, your comments, and maybe even some suggestions on new recipes. You see I will not be following one book, rather I will be following my cravings and your wonderful suggestions.

I think this will be a fun learning experience for me and I hope it will accomplish two things... 1st (and most important) it will further expand my knowledge of photography, and 2nd it will help me become a more rounded cook in the kitchen.

Here are my only rules....

1st. Because I am limited to "how" I can cook a meal, all recipes must be able to be cooked/baked in/on : (Gas)Oven, (Gas)Stove,CrockPot, Pressure Cooker, (Charcoal Webber) Grill, and the dreaded Microwave, and heck if it is a dish that only needs to "set" I have a fridge and a freezer !

2nd. I do not have a fancy KitchenAid Mixer, nor do I have a food processor that can chop up more then one "vegetable" at a time, I'm terrified of those large deep firers burning down the house, and sadly I just got ride of my rusted old Wok....

3rd. I may buy a new kitchen "tool" here or there IF my budget allows, but it will have to be simple.

4th. I will try ALMOST anything

5th. I will post 365 recipes, they may, however, not always be posted every day, I will allow myself to skip days if need be, or if I am out of town/not feeling well. All I need to do is hit 365 different recipes by the end of the year.

6th. The dates for my 365 Recipe Adventure will be from January 1, 2010 until December 31, 2010.

So there it is... I've made my decision... no backing out now.... I'm actually very excited, and I can not wait to see and taste all the new dishes! Oh yeah... All recipes will be photographed and posted here on this blog.

I hope to hear from you soon.... :-)

P.S. There might be some "give aways" or "surprises" along the way !


  1. I am looking forward to see the movie this weekend. (Its finally available on Netflix.) And I am looking forward to joining you on your new challenge!! Good luck!! Happy cooking/baking and eating!

  2. I loved Julie/Julia too! I had actually already been immersing myself in baking and cooking much like Julie for some time. It's a really great escape from the outside world we don't have much control over. I will nominate myself a part of your cheering team. I have LOTS of recipes to share with you! And I will make it my personal goal to get you on the dijon mustard train. That stuff is gold in my kitchen. I WILL convert you! ;)