Thursday, December 17, 2009

365 Recipes Adventure : Thoughts #1

So here I am, one day after my announcement, wondering and thinking, what could I possibly make, and why did I do this to myself knowing I only have $50 a week to spend on myself !?!?! This is going to be tough... (EAP!) But I'm sure I can do it, yes I am sure I can. Whenever I fell like I can't I know I have wonderful friends who can help me along the way and my mom will always help in a pinch when she can. I know she's just happy I'm finally going to be cooking more... Wait... Maybe I should have told her my idea before I committed to using her kitchen without her knowing ! ;-) Oh well I'm sure she'll understand.

So here I sit at work, yeah I know bad, but technically I at "lunch", since my lunch is from 11 - 12, I just didn't leave my desk today... ANYWAY....

Here I sit at my desk, wondering what I could possibly make... I thought well lets see how many dishes I can come up with off the top of my head... WOW depressing.... I have 26... I have no creativity on the spot, recipes just don't jump in to my head that quick. Ugh I think today after work I will spend some time walking around the local Stop & Shop to get ideas. I LOVE the fruit and Veggie area, everything smell so yummy and fresh and you always know when the strawberries are in season because you can smell them all over. Hmmm do you think chocolate dipped strawberries is to simple of a recipe to do? I think not, heck you need at minimum 2 items and you have to put them together... that to me is a recipe... hehe. Ok it's added to the list... under my desserts section... no I don't have a desserts section, I'm not that organized, if I did, it would be overly organized and it would be so confusing, even I'd get lost, so it's just a list. I put it right there under "the Pioneer Women's Orange marmalade rolls".... I can't wait to try those ... but the recipe makes like 70 rolls!!!!

Anyway I started rambling, again.... I do that a lot... I apologize in advance for this...

So now there are 27 recipes on my list, YIPPEE it's growing.

I wonder if my first recipe of the new year will be a "getting over a hangover drink"? Hmm can drinks be recipes too????? I will have to put up a poll on that... is there an option on here to add a poll? Well.. if there is... look for a poll in the near future.

Well off I go searching for more recipes, I have about 30 minutes left to my lunch. Wish me luck!

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