Monday, August 24, 2009

Winy Beef n' Cheese Bites

These wine flavored beef n' cheese bites will be the hit of any party. Bite sized, rich and creamy they go well at any Superbowl party or fancy gathering.

All you need is : about 3lbs of thick Sirloin Steak. You can also use beef tips found at the store if you like, a big block of Monterey Jack cheese, fresh parsley, olive oil, and a half bottle of wine.

Mmmmm steak. Try to find cuts that do not have a lot of fat on them. I used 4 of these.

See this silvery stuff on the side? I usually cut that off, because it will cause those end pieces to be tough to bite in to later after cooking.

If you find big spots of fat, jut trim them off.

Take the steak and cut it in to thick slices, about an inch or so more, trying to keep all the pieces uniform.

Then cube the steak and place it in to a bowl.

Find your non stick pan and pour in a little bit of olive oil.

When the pan is HOT place a hand full of beef squares in to the hot oil. Leave them alone for a minute. The plan here is to brown them on all sides.

Keep turning them until each side is just browned. You don't want to burn or over cook them. You want the centers to still be pink.

Take out the steak squares and place them in a bowl.

Back to the pan, toss in some more steak and repeat the turning/browning process.

Add more oil if necessary, I didn't need to, but I thought I would add this in just in case you do.

Then add more steak.

Toss them in to a bowl

Brown on all four sides

Place them in to a bowl. Right about now I can't help it and I want to dive in to the steak.... But we must keep going.

Take the rest of the steak and toss them in to the pan turning when needed. Remove the rest of the steak from the pan and place it all in to a bowl. You may want to take some paper towel and pat off any extra oil that is on the steak.

EW! we need to use this pan again with the wine, but we do not want this fatty oily mess in there.

I usually pour the oil in to a can instead of pouring it down the drain, less chance of clogging up my drains later. I don't scrape out the pan, we want some of the beef flavor to stay.

Now for the wine !!!!! Grab your favorite bottle of Pinot Noir. Or the cheapest one you can find, which ever floats your boat.

Did you notice that I did not use any salt ? Usually I am the first one to grab the salt when I'm eating steak, but because I knew I was using wine, I restrained myself. The wine will add all the flavor you need... no need to add salt. :-)

Open it up, and if you are like me, fight back with all you strength not to drink it.

Pour about a half of the bottle in to the frying pan.

When the wine is warmed up and just about to boil,

Put the steak squares in to the pan with the wine. I love the smell of the warm wine and steak... so yummy!

Now you can marinade the wine over night in the wine if you like, in fact that will give the beef a stronger wine taste, but this is another one of those "to you liking" moments. For me I LOVE wine flavor in steak, but for the boys watching the game, they may not.... so keep your guests in mind.

Let that cook on medium heat for about 25 minutes, with the lid on. Stirring occasionally so not to burn any of the meat.

While the steak is simmering in the wine. Cut up your cheese in to pieces not to much bigger then the steak squares. Grab your parsley and pull off little pieces to place on the top of the cheese.

I'm sorry for not including images here, but I had passed that job off to my mom and while she was working I forgot to photograph... oh well next time !

Now set up a assembly station. Beef, cheese parsley and tooth picks.

And off you go.

Take a tooth pick and stick on some parsley and then some cheese and then steak.

Find the flattest part of the steak square and make that the bottom. This will prevent it from falling over later.

Keep assembling

Until you are all done!

I hope you enjoy these, they are very simple to make, and very yummy to eat.

I was making these bites in a rush, it was a last minute idea I had to bring to a friends house for a night in with some friends.

The whole thing took maybe an hour and half, from the prep to cooking to assembling.


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