Monday, August 24, 2009

Coq Au Vin

Every thing you need for Barbara's Coq Au Vin

Now here is how you make it.

4 slices of bacon

Cut bacon up in to 1/2in pieces

Fry them up in a non stick pan on low heat

But only just enough to release the fatty goodness... don't crisp the bacon... now scoop out the bacon and put it aside, leave all the bacon drippins in the pan
Ah... my most un favorite part.. I usually don some gloves and goggles for this next part... Chop up one half of a medium onion in to small pieces

see... they are not so small... I could not find my goggles... so I gave up right about here... my eyes were balling so bad I just had to stop, but don't you stop... you keep cutting up that onion in to small bits....

Then take 3 good sized carrots... peel them, or not, it's up to you. But i have a super amazing Kitchenaid peeler that I just can't put down.

then cut the carrots into 4s, then cut them up in to small pieces.

put onions and carrots in a bowl for later.

Remember those bacon drippins? Turn the burner up to mid heat and put in the chicken. I used 6 skinless and boneless thighs. you use what ever chicken you want, a whole fryer chicken works well here too!

now.. just seer the chicken... is that the right word? Well... just cook the chicken enough to be brown on both sides... not cooked all the way through. Then put the chicken pieces into a 2qt baking dish and keep it warm.

Remember that left over bacon grease? Well... now put the carrots and onions and 5 minced garlics in to the pan with it! Yup, just fry it all up....

No, I did not add a photo of me mincing my garlic. Well my friends, that is because I hate touching garlic, almost as much as I hate touching onions. SO... as a true New Jersey girl, I buy the bottled pre minced garlic. Don't hate, it's just me, you go and mince your fresh garlic... go right a head! now... Fry it up till the onions are "clear" or close to it... Right about now your house will smell AMAZING !!! Take out the carrots, onions, and garlic mixture and place it in to a bowl, leave dirty pan alone, we will come back to this later.

Now for the BUTTER !

I loves me some butter... anyway, 2tbs is all you need. Put the butter in a new CLEAN pan.

slap it in the pan and melt it up, but don't burn it

take one lb of cut up white mushrooms

cook them up till they are brown and yummy and buttery ! When they are done put them in the bowl with the onions and carrots and garlic.

Now... go back to your first pan, hopefully you didn't clean it out yet ;-). Dump out what ever bacon grease is left in the pan, but DON'T scrape the pant. Now... pour in 2 cups of Burgundy ! yes my friends I said 2 cups... This will no doubt make your house smell like HEAVEN ! Turn up the heat to medium and gently scrape off anything that may be stuck to the pan, let that warm up for a few minutes.... that's all.
**A MUCH NEEDED DISCLAIMER** This MAY cause fire to flame up... so if you are afraid of fire flaming up at you while you are pouring your wine... please turn off the burner until it's all in the pan, then turn the burner back on. :-)

Now put the carrots, mushroom, garlic, onion mixture in to the 2qt baking dish with the chicken.... don't for get the bacon !!!! sprinkle that all around too! Then take the 2 cups of wine and pour it in to the dish too! YUM YUM YUM

Cover the dish with tin foil. And place in the oven... If you use boneless meet then you need to bake it for 1hour and 1 minute for good luck... If you use meat with bones and skin... well then my friends you need to cook it for 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min.... GOOD LUCK ! (Cause this will depend on your oven... my NEW gas oven only took 1hr and 1min for the chicken to literally MELT in my mouth)
When there is 30 minutes left to the baking... heat up a pot of water for the egg noodles. (one hand full for each serving) I like to sprinkle in some salt and some olive oil in to the water as it boils... just for the heck of it.

Toss in the egg noodles... yummy... boil for 7 minutes

When done, drain out the boiling water... to each his own on this one... I usually pour the noodles and hot water right in to a strainer in the sink and let it do it's thing, then put the noodles in a bowl and mix in about 2 more tbs of butter... Hey.. I never said it was a diet dish! When it's all melted and mixed and buttery yummy... it's done.
Now take some fresh parsley...

chop to your liking...

When it's time... remove the dish from the oven... Right about now everyone in your house will be running to the dinner table... I promise you this

Now... scoop out a piece of heaven... errr... chicken or two, scoop up a heaping of mushrooms and carrots and pour it all over the chicken... (here is why we tossed all the grease and melted butter, you would not want to pour that oily mess all over this lovely dish) Throw in some noodles on the side, now sprinkle the fresh parsley all over... now ENJOY !!!!!!

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