Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Corn & Avocado Salsa

Here is a wonderful sweet summer time salsa. It is so fresh and light and sweet you'll want to eat it with a spoon for lunch and dinner. All you need is : 4 ears of sweet corn ( I love Jersey sweet corn, and it works perfectly here), 3 ripe plump tomatoes, one red jalapeno pepper, 3 avocados (because I'm obsessed with them :-) ) A half a lime, a pinch of salt, and some fresh cilantro.

Grab some sweet corn and remove the leaves and those stringie things

Then take a sharp knife and cut the kernels right off the cob. This takes a bit of strength, but concentrate and you won't lop off any fingers :-D

Yum ! Sweet corn isn't always bright yellow or orange, it has a slight milky color. I love love love it. Now toss all that corn in to a large bowl.

Grab your tomatoes

Quarter them up and remove all the seeds.

Then cut the quarters in to small strips

Here we want to try to keep the ingredients of the salsa uniform size. So try to chop the tomato up in to corn kernel size.

Toss the tomato in to the bowl with the corn.

And for the star of the show... Well maybe not, but I do love me some avocado.

Slice the avocado in half and remove the pit.

Gently spoon out and peel off the skin.

Slice the avocado up

Then chop the avocado in to small pieces.

I randomly piled up the skins on the counter and I thought it would make an interesting photo.

And I wonder why it takes me hours to cook, I think I spend more time photographing the food then cooking it.

Toss the avocado in to the bowl with the tomato and corn.

Grab a lime

Cut it in half and squeeze out the juice over the avocado mixing it a little (to give zest and prevent browning)

Just one shake of salt is all you need.

YUM, it looks so good I can almost stop here.

But now for some heat. Because what is salsa with out heat? Use two for some kick, one if you want it to stay mostly sweet.

remove the stem and the pepper seeds

Thinly slice up the pepper in to strips

Then chop them up even smaller. You don't want a mouth full of HOT, just a hint.

throw that in to the bowl.

Grab a nice amount of cilantro and chop it up

put that in to the bowl and mix it all up.


That's all there is to it. Serve this in a bowl with some Tostido chips. Or eat it with a fork, it's up to you.

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