Monday, August 24, 2009

Breakfast Burritos

The line up.... Potatoes, peppers, onions, eggs, tortillas, cheese, bacon.

BUTTER ! You can use what ever you want in the pan... usually I use Olive Oil to be healthier, but... I had all this butter so I thought I would use it.

put the butter/oil in a no stick pan on low heat.

Mmmm melty butter...

OK... I know what your thinking.... FROZEN VEGGIES!?!?!? Well you see I was driving home when I thought of this meal and thought to myself... self... you don't really want to bake potatoes on this HOT August day, do you? Self said NO! So... I grabbed some frozen potatoes and a bag of green/red peppers with onions. When it comes to which one... that is up to your taste, but remember your mixing it with eggs.

I thought the potatoes were a little to big, so I cut them in half.

Now toss the potatoes in to the pan

Cover those suckers up or the potatoes will dry out way to fast before they defrost. If you don't do this, then you'll have frozen burnt potato wedges, and well that would be just sad.

When the potatoes are about half way done, pour in the peppers and onions.

YUMMY! Stir them around a bit and put the lid back on to keep them from drying out.

These poor guys didn't make the cut... Sorry.... I really do not like onions.

While the veggies are doing their thing, you can heat up your fixin's... I was in the mood for bacon, since I had some in the fridge from the other day.

MMMMM yummy bacon.

Well, my obsessive dish cleaning almost cost me my bacon. Look at those poor little guys... oh well, I like crunch bacon, so it's all good.

Now... I like to think, one egg per Burrito, so since I was making 4... you guessed it, 4 eggs went in to a bowl.

Look at that... I actually got the shot... Left hand on the camera, right hand cracking the egg... and BAM perfect shot. I could stop here, it's so good... but lets keep cooking.

whip up the eggs with a fork.

Pour the eggs in to the pan with the potatoes and peppers, by now they should be all defrosted and warm.

Sprinkle on some cheese and salt and pepper to taste.

Mix just a little bit... I know you want to keep lifting the lid and mixing, but if you keep the fire low you will be fine.. just a mix here or there... If you need to do something with your hands, then go pat the dog on the head or something... (but then wash your hand, who knows where your dog has been ;-)

Tadaaaa.... Looks so good. See wasn't that worth a pat on the head... now go get your dog and have her/him pat YOU on the back for being patient with the eggs HA, ok I'm being silly now.

scoop out some eggs in to the wraps. Pardon my YELLOW eggs, but the walls in my kitchen are yellow... Add your fixins.... I chose bacon and cheese, you can choose anything you want.... Sausage? Chicken? More cheese? Jalapenos???? You go have fun you, yes go have fun... heck you have to eat it so you should like it.

Wrap them up... AH aren't they good? They make me forget about the lawn I was SUPPOSED to mow...

Now, not all of you know this, but I have this OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE NEED to clean dirty dishes. After I poured a glass of iced tea I noticed the dirty dishes every where. My inner obsessive-dish-cleaner was screaming "CLEAN THE DISHES! ! ! " Just like that guy in the Girl Scout cookie commercial...

Back to my dinner. Now that everything was was all set in my world, clean dishes, dinner made, tall cold glass of iced tea... I was a happy camper.

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