Monday, August 24, 2009

Spicy Surf & Turf Fajitas

Since I had a bunch of tortillas left from the night before, I thought I would make some fajitas today.

First we need to make the Avocado and Tomato salsa.

I started with a red onion... ugh darn onions... but these red onions do not bother my eyes as much as the white onions do. But I still wore gloves.

Peal the onion...

As much as I dislike onions, the red ones sure are pretty.

Start by cutting the onion in half from tip to stem. then dice it up in to small pieces.

Now put the onions in a bowl, these are for later... I wanted to get this part done and over with first :-D

Since I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados, I decided to use 2. First take a large kitchen knife and cut them in half.

Then take your knife and slap it GENTLY on to the pit... As always I am afraid of loping off my fingers any time a big knife comes flying at my hand, so in case I missed I left the avocado on the plate...

Then hold the avocado firm in your hand and with a simple twist of the pit it will pop right out.

The second pit was putting up a bit of a fight, so I stabbed it...

Barbara 1; Avocado Pit 0

Take a large flat spoon and gently scrape the avocado away from the skin, if they are ripe, the avocado will be a little soft and it should peel away easily.

Then dice up the avocado... I love this stuff so I always make large pieces... but you should make them a little smaller then this... or you'll have a hard time wrapping up your fajita later.

Then take 2 tomatoes and remove the seeds.

Dice up the tomato in to small pieces and put them in the bowl with the avocado.

Muhahahaha here is the Spicy (not a large pepper, medium to small depending on how hot you like it)

If you are going to use your bare hands when working with jalapenos then please PLEASE wash your hands really well after, or you won't be a happy camper. Your skin will burn and lord help me, if you stick your finger in your eye... jeezz you will be crying home to mommy....

Now, remove the seeds from the pepper.... You can dry the seeds for pizza toppings if you like, I think all you need to do is toast them??? I'll have to look it up.

Slice the pepper in to strips and then cut it up in to small pieces... smaller then this. Then toss it all in the bowl with the tomato and avocado

Grab roughly 2 tbs of fresh cilantro and chop it all up, then mix that in to the bowl with the tomatoes and avocados....


Squeeze the juice of one lime in to the bowl, I use the handle end of a spoon to help get all the juice. Don't use too much, just sprinkle all around to keep it from browning and to give a little bit of a zesty flavor. This is another one of those "to your taste" ingredients

Now put the avocado tomato salsa on the side (if you like, throw in some of those red onions! I don't care for them, but if you do toss in a hand full)

Now head over to the stove.

Grab your frying pan and turn the heat up to medium heat. Pour in one table spoon of E.V. Olive Oil.

While the oil heats up, slice up a red pepper.

After removing the seeds slice up the pepper in to long skinny strips

When the oil is hot, toss in the peppers. Remember those onions? Toss them in too. Along with a minced garlic clove and a table spoon of ground coriander.

Mix it all up and then put the lid on. Every few minutes or so mix it up to prevent burning.

When the onions get to that "see through" phase and the peppers are all soft, remove them from the pan, place in a bowl, and keep them warm.

Now pour a half a tbs of E.V. Olive Olive oil in to the frying pan. (no need to clean out the pan, the flavors of the onions and peppers will cook well in to the meats)

I had some left over chicken from the other day, so to not waist food, i sliced it up and tossed it in to the pan.

When I felt the chicken was cooked, I tossed in some peeled and devained shrimp. These were already cooked, but you can use raw shrimps here too.

When the chicken and the shrimp start to brown a little, they are done....

Make sure the shrimp is pink and chicken is cooked through and through... Remove the chicken and shrimps from the pan.

Side note:
I love this scoop. I got it as part of a wok set along time ago for Christmas. I don't think I ever used the wok, but I use all the nifty utensils it came with... Interesting, I wonder where that wok is now???

Now all your Fajita fixins are ready.

You can make the fajitas for your family or you can just put the bowls out for every one to make their own.

Grab your tortilla wraps and start stuffing... You can use the smaller tortilla rounds, this will make less mess.... but again... to each his own.

Peppers and onions went in first.

Avocado and Tomato Salsa came next.

Then I tossed on a few shrimps and pieces of chicken.

Now mind you.... I put A LOT on these, it was all for show.... you do not need to stuff them so full. Make them to your liking and I'm sure you'll like them ;-)

Now.... I like my Mexican food HOT. So I always have Tabasco and a Habanero sauce on stand by.

Close up on the side with the Habanero sauce.

Close up on the side with the Tabasco sauce....

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