Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365 Recipes - #38 - Sun Tea

Grandma's Specality

Since it's over 100 degrees outside and the sun is scorching, I figured I would put all that heat and sunlight to good use. Here is a very simple cool and refreshing summertime drink I used to make with my Grandma years ago.

Sun Tea

The Line Up
Tea Bags
Glass Pitcher

Start with a glass pitcher with cold water. Here I used 10 cups of water.

Then I used 10 tea bags, here you can use any tea you like; tea bags, decaf, loose tea, herbal tea, the choices are endless.

Place the tea bags in the water, and then laugh at the fact that they don't sink in to the water right away because the water is cold, HA! But try to push them down a bit to get the process started.

Then cover the pitcher with either it's lid, or wax paper.

If it's a bright HOT day, the tea should be ready with in 45minutes, but you can let it sit up to an hour.

Here is a hot money saving tip. If you reuse the tea bags right away you can make another whole pitcher of tea! However I believe it will take a bit longer the second go around.

Give the tea a good mix, then add your favorite sweetener, I used a bit of agave here, but you can use white sugar or honey, or no sugar at all. I then added a teaspoon of lemon juice for some kick.

Then pour the tea over ice and enjoy !

Keep Cool!

Recipe #38, 327 more to go.

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