Sunday, July 18, 2010

365 Recipes - #39 - Coffee liqueur Icecream Pie

Ice Cream and 91 degrees....

On what seemed to be one of the hottest days this July I decided to make an ice cream pie. Why you ask? Maybe i was in the mood for a challenge? Maybe I was just way to hot to think of the issues that come with extreme heat and ice cream... Maybe I just wanted something cold darn it!

This fun summer time treat is super yummy and very easy to make!

OK folks, I have to say this right off the bat... PLEASE remember to remove your polarizing filter from your camera lens when photographing food. I had a devilish time trying to fix these in post, and they still came out a bit drab, and dark... I wondered why I had to use my tripod. Maybe it was the heat? Yeah I'm going to blame my forgetting the filter due to the heat... Lesson learned my friends check your filters!... OK on to the pie !

The Line Up:

1/2 Container of Coffee Ice Cream (about .75qts)
Whipped Topping
4tbs Coffee Liqueur
1/2 cup Caramel Drizzle topping
1 Shortbread pie crust

I used a pre-made shortbread pie crust, because it was in the 90's and I really did not feel like turning on my oven. You can make your own, they are very easy, I'll post a how to when it gets cooler in my part of the woods.

Pick up your favorite coffee ice cream and let it soften for a bit, you do not want it melted, just soft enough to mix smooth.

Plop that in to a bowl, and if you were smart and it is over 90 degrees outside you would remember to place this bowl in another bowl that has some ice water in it, to keep the mixing bowl cool enough to slow down the melting of the ice cream... but not me... no I love to live life on the edge, I didn't need no stinking ice water... I just needed to move at the speed of light ! ;-)

Then take 3tbs of your favorite coffee liqueur... (you can use 2 or 2.5, but I wouldn't go over 3, coffee ice cream has a strong flavor to begin with... 3 is the max)

and mix it in to the melted ice cream...

Before it melts too much, pour it in to the pie crust and even it out.

Hopefully you didn't throw out the "lid", the plastic cover that comes with the pre-made pie crusts... if you don't have one, because you were cool and made your own pie crust, then just cover with plastic wrap, or tinfoil to form a tent so the ice cream does not freeze to the foil.

After about 2 hours you can start mixing the topping. I grabbed some pre-made whipped topping for this, again, I was too hot to make anything from scratch. I used maybe half of one of those containers... I think I just eyeballed it, it was about 4 heaping scoops.

Then mix in one tablespoon of the coffee liqueur, keep it quick and keep the topping as fluffy as you can...

Grab the pie out of the freezer...

I left the photo step out, but drizzle some of the caramel around on top of the pie before you put on the whipped topping...

Gently spread the whipped topping all around, make it as pretty as you like.

Then grab some more caramel topping and drizzle it around on the top. Pop this wonderfully coffee flavored frozen treat back in to the freezer.

In just a few hours it will set hard enough for you to cut pieces and serve...

Mmmm SOOOO good with a little fun punch of coffee liqueur goodness ;-)


Recipe #39, 326 more to go.


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