Sunday, July 25, 2010

365 Recipes - #40 - Mini English Muffin Pizza

Mini Crispy Yummyness

Today was another hot one folks... but it did rain around 3pm and the temp came down a good 20 degrees... Ahhh to not be sweating just because your standing there... So since the temp came down I thought it would be OK to turn on the oven... for only a few minutes... I picked a few of my favorite topping to top off my mini pizzas, so you do the same, make them as wacky or as plain as you like !

The Line Up:
Original Sized English Muffins
(Pick Your Own Toppings Here is What I Used)
Pizza Sauce
Pesto Sauce
Black Olives (sliced)
Green Peppers (diced)
Tomatoes (diced)
Peperoni slices
Motz cheese (Shredded)
Fresh Basil
Diced Mushrooms


Take a fork and separate the muffin in two.

Pop them in the toaster, or toaster oven... My campy toaster only toasts on one side, normally it's a pain in the butt, but for this recipe it's perfect. So toast them up on one side if you can, just enough to make the "Crannies" toasty.

Here is a shot of all the fixins' I used... yummy!

I found a miniature can of pre-sliced black olives, but you can slice your own, it's not to hard, oh and here's a trick... if you have a strong hard boiled egg slicer and your olives are ripe... you can slice the olives right in the egg slicer! Bam! Instant sliced olives :-)

I diced up about 3 baby bella mushrooms, you don't really need all that many mushrooms because the pizzas are well... mini.

I sliced up some tomatoes, I kept a few round slices and then diced up the rest.

I took one 3rd of a large green pepper and diced it up.

I put the muffins on a baking sheet, then sprinkled a little garlic powder on each one.

Then topped them off with different sauces... half with pizza sauce and the other half with basil pesto.

Then I topped each one a little different. Some were plain, some were veggie, some were "everything"... here is where you have fun and make what you like... Then pile as MUCH cheesy goodness on top ! ;-)

Mmmm Cheesy!

Then pop them in a pre-heated broiler on HIGH for about 3 minutes, or until the cheese gets all brown and crispy.

OK so I let mine cook a little beyond brown and crispy, but they were wonderful just the same! I enjoyed these little guys SO MUCH that I had 5, yes 5 my friends...

Have fun make them how ever you like !


Recipe #40, 325 more to go.


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