Saturday, March 13, 2010

365 Recipes - #34 - Mini Quesadillas

I was in a SPICY mood.

There I was in the heart of the heavy hardy warm you up winter food months and all I wanted was a fresh Mexican Quesadilla. So... I made one :-)

The Line Up:
One Onion
A heaping handful of Mushrooms
Diced Chicken
Shredded 3 Cheese Mexican blend
Sour Cream
SM Tortilla Rounds
1 Plump Tomato
Taco Seasoning

I grabbed the only Onion I had, it was a little "aged" and "sad" but it was still good.

Ahhhh pre sliced Mushrooms!

I tossed a handful of the mushrooms and the diced onion in to a hot pan with a table spoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil.

Diced up a "blurry" tomato ;-) I put this to the side for later... oh and I also removed the "innards". What you don't see here is my shredded lettuce.

I found this pre cooked chicken breast meat at the local Trader Joe's... it was perfect....

This I found at Trader Joe's as well.

I didn't use the whole packet, maybe half?

Mmmm Look at those mushrooms! When they are ready and the chicken is browned a bit... toss them together.

I heated up my grill and laid out the tortilla rounds. When they were just about crispy, i loaded them up with some cheese and the chicken and mushroom mix. I folded them over and let the cheese melt for a bit.

Mmmmm I plated them with some shredded lettuce and the diced tomatoes and some guacamole and last but not least some sour cream (mmm I love that stuff... but that's for another day)


Recipe #34, 331 more to go.

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