Friday, October 9, 2009

Pineapple-Mango Salsa

If you like Mangoes and Pineapples... you will LOVE this Pineapple-Mango Salsa. It is so fresh and full of WOW flavors. And it's another wonderful recipe stolen... errr borrowed from my good friend Cynthia.

The line up :
1 Tomato
1 Shallot
1 c mango
1 c pineapple
1/4 c cilantro finely
1/4 c roasted red peppers
1 lime

Grab your mango, pick a good one, ripe and juicy !

Remove the fruit from the skin as best as you can, you want to try to keep all the "meat" of the fruit, no wasting in my kitchen.

Then chop the mango up in to small pieces.

For this recipe I used store bought pre peeled, cored and sliced pineapple. Trust me, when your making multiple parts of the meal from scratch it's nice to have some of the grunt work done for you.

Then chop up the pineapple in to small chunks about the same size as the mango. As for size.. think... well... salsa chunk size :-)

Grab a decent Shallot and remove the outer few layers.

Then dice it up good and small. Now remember I dislike onions so for this salsa I only used half the shallot, you go and use the whole thing if you like... that's up to you.

Grab a medium tomato and slice it in half,

remove the seeds,

then chop away.

Mmmmm Roasted Peppers. Again here I did not make the roasted peppers from scratch, I went the easy rout and bought them in a can... These worked out really well.

Grab a bunch and chop them up to make about a 1/4 cup.

Now toss every thing in to a big bowl.

Mmmmmmmmmmm cilantro my new favorite herb. Grab a nice handful

And chop chop chop away till it's nice and small and all aromay... aromay really is not a word, but it works here.

Toss the cilantro in to the bowl too.

Mmmm limey !

Grab your zester... my friend Cynthia has the best kitchen tools... I absolutely love love love this zester. Zest all the green off of one lime.

Look at all that limey goodness.

Ha, a bald lime.

Squeeze out the lime juice in to the bowl over the ingredients... if you have one of these fancy tools, that works too.

Mix up all the ingredients together. Cover and place in fridge for about an hour to marry the flavors.

Mmmmm every time I look at this photo all the flavors come rushing back... what a great salsa ! The Pineapple has this ZING flavor, the mango has this mellow flavor, the tomatoes bring in a rich flavor, the lime gives it a little kick, and the cilantro... Mmmmm the cilantro brings it all together....

This salsa is great over fish, like Mahi Mahi...

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